Claus Bentsen: Principal

Principal at Gøglerskolen

Ulla Krogager: Temporary Leader

Temporary Leader at Gøglerskolen

Lisbeth Fisker Enggaard: Instructor

Instructor at Business school-department.

Liv Crecesse: Instructor


Self-taught choreographer and dancer.

Friis: Counsellor, Instructor

Instructor and counsellor at Dance- and Business school-departments.

Studied at the Center for Rhythmic Music and Movement.

Berith Nielsen: Counsellor, Instructor

Instructor and counsellor.
Educated by Abdul Hantout (Dk), Die Etage (Berlin) and Anni Fratellinni (Paris). Bachelor of Aesthetics and Culture.

Sebastian Sadiki Danbæk: Instructor


Instructor in acrobatics.

Johan Plessner: Instructor

Instructor and self-taught artist and performer, with De Jydske Helte, among others.

Jesper Rask Nordtorp: Instructor

Instructor at Makerspace.

Educated as school teacher in math and gymnastic. Educated IT instructor.

Rene Firring Givskud: Instructor

Instructor at Makerspace.

Educated as mechanic and educator.

Lone Andersen: Counsellor


Social worker, educated as an educational and career advisor, and holds a BA in Dramaturgy..

Søren Karim Bech: Instructor

Rap-artist, known as "Karim" from groups like Bogfinkevej, ContraAuguste, Klub Dovensmart, AKA “Marki Snøre”

Mikkel Veje Knudsen: Instructor

Producer & DJ, known as "Mik" from the Hiphop and Club scene.

Henrik Juel: Counsellor, Instructor

Instructor and counsellor. Media and Cafe department.

Trained as a social worker, adult educator and project manager graduated from Enterprise Academy in Aarhus.

Per Nissen: Instructor

Graduated from Danish School of Journalism.

Søren Otzen Kristensen: Instructor


Outdoor teacher and educator.

Anette Due: Counsellor, Instructor

Instructor and counsellor.

Trained teacher and achieved diploma in education, business and career guidance.

Kamilla Marie Korsgaard: Instructor


Trained as a textile designer.

Gitte Møller: Counsellor

Project coordinator and counsellor.

Gitte works based on the systemic approach.

Helene Andersen: Instructor, Projekt Manager

Instructor and counsellor at KUU

Nicholai Friis Pedersen: Instructor

Instructor at KUU.

Kjeld Lippert: Instructor

Instructor at KUU


Sara El Achwah: Instructor, Project coordinator

Teacher and project coordinator at KUU Servicepilot Gellerup

Jeanette Schultz Pedersen: Instructor

Instructor at KUU

Anne Marie Lihn: Instructor

Kitchen manager.

Laila Pedersen: Instructor

Kitchen manager and teaching undergraduate.

Nanna Ehlert Ryssov: Project consultant

Project consultant. Responsible for project management, analysis and administrative tasks. Educated anthropologist.

Marianne Nielsen: Administrator

Administration, economy and office.

P. C. Asmussen: Project coordinator

Consultant at Gøglerskolen, regarding Cirk(h)uset in Gellerup

Mads Bischoff: IT artist, Webmaster

Computer geek and webmaster.
Self-taught drum dancer, web designer, it-artist and network administrator.

Ea Ejersbo: Management Secretary

Management Secretary.

Internal structure and external projects.