Who can participate?

Gøglerproduktionsskolen is a teaching programme, based on practical work and production, for the under 25s. You can attend the school if you have not yet completed a youth education (upper secondary) and are not in a position to begin one, or if you have broken off a youth education.
The stay at Gøglerskolen does not result in any formal qualifications.
Talk to your caseworker and/or counsellor to discover whether this programme is for you. You need a rating (målgruppevurdering) from your Youth-Education-Counsellor (Ungdoms-Uddannelses-Vejleder) to attend the school.

When and for how long?

You decide when you want to start, and when you have learnt enough – and wish to stop again.
However, you can only attend Gøglerproduktionsskolen for a maximum of one year.
While you are here you can change between various departments and projects – in agreement with your team and instructors.
In return we expect you to take an active part in school programmes during your time here. The daily hours are between 8:30 and 15:00.

How about finances?

You will receive a school-benefit (skoleydelse) while you are at Gøglerproduktionsskolen.
In 2016 the benefit is as follows:
For the under 18s – gross 690,- Dkr. per week.
For the over 18s living at home – gross 890,- Dkr. per week.
For the over 18s living on their own – gross 1651,- Dkr. per week.
(Remember: gross amounts are before tax deduction!)

Can I get financial support for my transportation expenses?

You can apply for a discount on your daily commute to the school when you are a student at Gøglerproduktionsskolen.

Access the homepage at www.ungdomskort.dk and follow the instructions.

If in doubt, ask your school counselor.