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Textiles & Design is for YOU who:

  • Wishes to learn how to translate design ideas into finished products in a complete cycle, incorporating production, instruction, and personal design, as well as technical and fashion drawing.
  • Wants to work with costumes and fancy-dress clothes. We sell our products to institutions and at the Christmas Bazaar in Ridehuset.
  • Wishes to learn how to transform children into lions, princesses and spider-men, using facial make-up. We are a regular feature at Tivoli Friheden, and visit day care institutions every week to practice children’s face paint.
  • Has a good idea that you think we should take up.

When sewing clothes we work from existing basic patterns, which are then modified to fit your personal measurements. We work in manageable units, focussing on process and product. You will become part of a production unit, where you will get to work on both individual and group projects.


You are always welcome to pop by and have a look at the workshop.
To ensure that we will be in, please give us a ring first.



  • You can learn to sew
  • You learn how to do face paint
  • You can draw/paint
  • You can make leather belts
  • You will learn how to optimize your learning abilities
  • You will have room to be yourself
  • You will be offered counselling
  • You will be offered courses in Danish, English, Mathematics



  • We face paint children in day care and at events
  • We visit fashion fairs and design schools
  • We go on excursions into nature and culture
  • We sell our products at the Christmas Bazaar in Ridehuset
  • We arrange excursions and events with other departments


Examples of partners:

Tivoli Friheden, Festugen/Musikhuset Aarhus, Vestas vindmøllefabrik, Jyske Bank, Kulturhus Aarhus, Aarhus City Forening, Børnenes Magasin, day care in Aarhus, Den Jyske Opera


Anette Due: Counsellor, Instructor

Instructor and counsellor.

Trained teacher and achieved diploma in education, business and career guidance.

Kamilla Marie Korsgaard: Instructor


Trained as a textile designer.

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