We work with artistic coherence in the context of acrobatics, performance, music, dance and theatre; for instance through the production of shows, workshops, and events on the local cultural scene in Aarhus.


We immerse ourselves in basic theatrical training and roles, create stories, and stage shows from idea to performance.


We work with:

  • Voice
  • Rhythm
  • Timing and
  • Musicality

We exercise body and movement via:

  • Play
  • Building up strength
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Relaxation and stretching
  • Acrobatics and
  • Juggling

We put together personal training programmes, and teach and instruct various workshops.


Each day incorporates thorough warm-up exercises followed by a varied training of skills.


At Performance we have a strong professional profile, combined with personal and educational counselling.


We have a comprehensive and lively youth environment that focuses on network and learning, and emphasizes individual significance and responsibility for one self and for the group.


We seek out exciting trainee-ships, and have a number of partnerships with various educational institutions.


You will be offered classes in Danish, English, and Mathematics.


You will get to clarify your plans for the future.




Berith Nielsen: Counsellor, Instructor

Instructor and counsellor.
Educated by Abdul Hantout (Dk), Die Etage (Berlin) and Anni Fratellinni (Paris). Bachelor of Aesthetics and Culture.

Sebastian Sadiki Danbæk: Instructor


Instructor in acrobatics.

Johan Plessner: Instructor

Instructor and self-taught artist and performer, with De Jydske Helte, among others.

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