Would you like to produce TV? Do you find filming and editing exciting? Then you can get the chance to test your abilities and acquire new skills at Gøglerskolen’s department of Media.


The Media department produces a monthly 30 minute TV programme called Monsoon. The programme is broadcast on Kanal Østjylland on Saturday between 13:00 and 13:30, and is a mixture of current news, satire, short films, and music videos. We also cover rock concerts and music festivals, like Grøn Koncert (open air concert).


You will receive instruction in:

  • Research (finding stories that can become TV spots)
  • Interview techniques
  • TV camera operation
  • Editing TV spots
  • Working as a TV-host, as well as training speak for presenting spots


You will receive additional instruction on how society functions, and various news stories from current media will be discussed. We will visit TV2, Jyllands-Posten and various other media companies. You will also get the opportunity to work with photo editing using Photoshop, and learn how to create homepages.


You can read more about Media, and watch our TV-programmes at www.monsoontv.dk


Henrik Juel: Counsellor, Instructor

Instructor and counsellor. Media and Cafe department.

Trained as a social worker, adult educator and project manager graduated from Enterprise Academy in Aarhus.

Per Nissen: Instructor

Graduated from Danish School of Journalism.

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