Hjernevaskeriet (the brain laundry) offers classes in Danish language and mathematics for those who are almost ready to start a youth education.
The classes are very flexible and can be revised and combined according to the students’ different needs, in order to improve their level in Danish and/or mathematics.
We work in close relation with VUC and there are several different options:

  • Join a class on VUC and supplement with classes/study-help at Hjernevaskeriet. This will comply with any demand from Danish gymnasiums in respects with getting a conditionally admission (in Danish: “betinget optaget”).
  • Participate in classes at Hjernevaskeriet and through this register as a private student for the FVU exam (Forberedende Voksen Undervisning).
    The exams in Danish and mathematics will be in December or June.
    This is a passed/not-passed exam, and if the student pass they will meet the admission requirement to “erhvervsuddannelses”
  • Participate in classes at Hjernevaskeriet and through this register as a private student for the AVU exam (Almen Voksen Undervisning).
    The exams in Danish and mathematics will be graduated at G-level. Thus, by completing the exam the student will have passed elementary school levels in the subjects.
    The exam will be in June.

Hjernevaskeriet is for the student that just needs to improve a single subject (e.g. mathematics) and therefore doesn’t meet the requirement for receiving SU.
Now, you can be registered at the Gøglerproduktionsskole, get your school-benefit and use most of your time improving yourself, at the subjects you find the hardest.
There is also the possibility of working with your English, but not the possibility of going to an exam.
The classes at Hjernevaskeriet is in smaller groups and is organized to best suit the individuals level.
There is no homework and we will listen to any explanation you tell us of why you are struggling with the subject.
We guaranty you a safe environment, a friendly atmosphere and new ways of doing schoolwork.
An extra bonus of attending Gøglerproduktionsskolen is that you can join in at a practical workshop after your own needs or energy level.
Plainly said; you can learn mathematics or Danish while you’re doing practical work in a practical/creative/physical way.
The formal education will be completed within the schools normal hours.
A morning a week the school offers classes for students with dyslexia. The classes are in spelling- and reading-strategies in Danish. If you are not sure if you suffer from dyslexia, then it is possible to get tested at the school.
As part of the course of attending a production school you have to complete a screening in Danish and mathematics. This is to give an estimate of where you are at a formal level and where you may or may not need to improve. At Gøglerskolen we use the screening as a tool for your own clarity.


Instruction in general subjects, also known as Hjernevaskeriet (Brain laundry – coined by the students).




Anni Stjerne: Counsellor

Instructor in General subjects, based at Klosterport.

Educated as Public School Teacher.

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