Classes In General subjects

We offer a selection of courses in Danish, Mathematics, and English, for students at Gøglerskolen. You decide whether you want to take part, which classes you want to take, and how many.


A couple of times per week you are offered to join workshops in general subjects. You decide which subjects you want to do, if you want to attend once or attend an individual course. If you have decided to attend a workshop you must stay at least one hour but you are more than welcome to stay longer.


The courses are offered across departments, with a maximum of 6 students to a class. This ensures that the teacher can offer you all the support you might need.


Instruction is based on your level, not that of the class, so that the challenge will always match your abilities.


Instruction takes place in an assessment-free environment. This means the only demand on you is to attend the courses you have signed up for.
Don’t worry about paper, pencils, calculators, etc. – we will provide all that. And NO, we do not do homework 🙂


Dyslexia classes

Classes for dyslexic students are offered at the school one morning each week. You can receive instructions in spelling- and reading-strategies in Danish. If you need to clarify whether you are dyslexic, you can take a test.



As part of you attending this school you must do an academic screening. Exercise papers in Danish and Mathematics can provide a snapshot of your academic ability, and indicate where you might need to improve. At Gøglerskolen we use the screening as a tool in your clarification process.


Instruction in general subjects, also known as Hjernevaskeriet (Brain laundry – coined by the students).




Anni Stjerne: Counsellor

Teacher in General subjects.


Instructor in General subjects, based at Klosterport.

Educated as Public School Teacher.

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