Dance – Street Art Academy

  • Streetdance
  • Hiphop
  • Break
  • Modern

A challenge for you, who wishes to dance and be creative.


You will work with:

Street dance, Dancehall, Hip hop, modern dance, basic physical training, and technique. Choreography, musical understanding and performance style are part of the daily training. In addition to this you will get to try out many other styles of dance, and take part in workshops on e.g. song and stomp.


We offer you the best instructors and choreographers, as well as lots of sweat, joy, rhythm and knowledge. You will take part in shows, events at the school, and on the local cultural scene.
The department usually takes one study trip abroad every year. Past trips have been to e.g. London and Paris.


Trainee periods are included, where you get a chance to try out the job/education you always dreamt of.


You will receive counselling on how to proceed in relation to future studies and work.
The school offers classes in Danish, English, and Mathematics. You can get an RKA (Prior Learning Clarification), take part in credit bearing trainee courses (kombinationsforløb) at SOSU (Social studies and Healthcare school), Aarhus Tech (Aarhus Technical College) or Købmandsskolen (Aarhus Mercantile College), etc.


The following visiting instructors are regulars:

  • Famey Batan – Hiphop / Newstyle, Stretch
  • Anna Groovy – House, Hiphop, Grooves, Freestyle, Bgirling, Stretch and FloorControl
  • Marco Huysseune – Hiphop, Ghettostyle, Lockin’, Dubstep, Poppin’ and Newstyle.
  • Anastasija KSK – Hiphop, House, Grooves, Hype, Rocking, Poppin’, Stretch and dance video projects.


We also offer other exciting guest instructors 🙂


We look forward to seeing you at Gøglerskolen’s department of Dance!


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Liv Crecesse: Instructor

Instructor at Dance.



Self-taught choreographer and dancer.

Friis: Counsellor, Instructor

Instructor and counsellor at Dance and Performance departments.


Instructor and counsellor.

Studied at the Center for Rhythmic Music and Movement.

Niels Berglund

Guest teacher

Instructor at Dance.



Self-taught choreographer and dancer.

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