Carpe Diem is a ”guidance and skills upgrading” course, right at the heart of the city’s vibrant second chance school, Gøglerskolen. When you start at the Carpe Diem programme you will be affiliated with one of the 8 school departments.


Carpe Diem has a permanent guidance counsellor. In collaboration with the students, the counsellor lays a plan for future work, internships, education or treatment. There will be ongoing sessions with your counsellor, instructors, and caseworker.


A holistic overview will be adopted from the start in relation to clarifying your situation in regards to housing, work, drug abuse, network, etc., in close cooperation with the student’s other contacts, housing assistant, and the like.



The project targets young people between 18 and 30 years of age, in match-group 2. Many of these have some degree of drug abuse and a criminal record. Some of them also have mental problems, usually not yet diagnosed. A typical trait in this group of young people is that many have few or no ambitions in their lives, suffer from poor social skills, and as a result often have little or no connection to the labour market.



The overall aim is to establish a contact with the young person and engage in a dialogue, enabling as many as possible to initiate a development that can lead to starting a job or education. If this fails, the aim is specifically to identify the individual efforts needed in each case. This could be a course of treatment, mental evaluation, pension applications, etc.
At Carpe Diem the young person will be closely monitored. Daily contact will be initiated, if the young person fails to show up. A close cooperation with the department chosen by the young person will also be kept.



During the transition phase, when the young person leaves Gøglerskolen, it is possible to establish after-care contact for up to 3 months.



  • Virksomhedskonsulenterne (Business Consultants): Carpe Diem has had a partnership contract with Virksomhedskonsulenterne since June 2010
  • Sociallægeinstitutionen (Social Medical Institution): Carpe Diem cooperates with Sociallægeinstitutionen, represented by a psychologist, who is tasked with making assessments in cases where there is doubt about treatment.
  • Caseworkers at each  Arbejdsmarkedscenter (Labour Centre): since both the reasons behind choosing a course at Carpe Diem, and the needs in relation to content vary, all participants have individual agreements tailored to their specific needs. These agreements are entered into in collaboration with the participant’s caseworker.


The collaboration contract can be viewed in the Aarhus Public Administration Manual (Aarhus Kommunes Administrationshåndbog).
Carpe Diem runs as a commercial activity under the framework of Gøglerskolen.


Gitte Møller: Counsellor

Project coordinator and counsellor.

Gitte works based on the systemic approach.

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