Cafe produces breakfast and lunch for the students and staff at Gøglerskolen on a daily basis.
Our production is centred on offering a healthy and varied selection, and as a general rule everything is made from scratch. Days are often high speed, with lots of variation in tasks and products.



  • Using recipes
  • Planning menus
  • Ordering produce
  • Understanding goods and ingredients
  • Organic products


  • Hygiene
  • Monitoring  (smiley-system)
  • Economics and budgeting
  • Teamwork
  • Fellowship

You will learn how to cook both smaller and larger quantities of food, and try out all the functions of a kitchen. We prepare you for training as a cook, kitchen assistant, or other positions in the food industry.


As a student in the café you will have lots of opportunities to explore your interests and talent in the field of cooking. We sample the produce and examine the quality. We prioritise the use of organic goods in relation to price and budget. You will acquire a basic understanding of the rules of hygiene and public health, and you will become more skilled in planning and structuring your work process and daily routine.


We produce varied and tasty everyday meals, and often have special orders – e.g. food for special festive occasions, new dishes, table setting, etc.


During theme weeks we might work with a visiting butcher, baker or pastry chef, and explore organic cooking, ethnic cuisines, etc.


You will engage in a process of clarification, with the school’s teachers and supervisors, in relation to future education and work. You will not necessarily become a chef after studying at the café; but this is where you get a chance to figure out whether that is the right direction for you to go. You will be offered classes in Danish, English, and Mathematics. Your plans for the future will be clarified.


As we prepare the breakfast for all the rest of the school’s students you must be willing to show up at 8:00 every morning!


We have a pleasant atmosphere in the cafe kitchen, where we treat each other with respect and keep a friendly and fun environment.


Henrik Juel: Counsellor, Instructor

Instructor and counsellor. Media and Cafe department.

Trained as a social worker, adult educator and project manager graduated from Enterprise Academy in Aarhus.

Anne Marie Lihn: Instructor

Kitchen manager.

Laila Pedersen: Instructor

Kitchen manager and teaching undergraduate.

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