You will get a personal counsellor.

During the first month you will make a plan for your stay at Gøglerskolen.
In the plan you will consider your current and future situation, with particular emphasis on job and education.
You will have regular sessions with your counsellor.


  • Get a good grasp of your personal resources and challenges.

Job and education:

  • What are your dreams and desires?
  • What are your wishes in relation to internships, work, and education?
  • What are your qualifications and talents, what are you good at?
  • Plans and goals will be continuously adjusted.

Counselling will also be a part of the daily instruction.

When is counselling successful?

  • When you experience a positive development, in relation to your strengths and weaknesses.
  • When you move in relation to educational and vocational possibilities.

We offer:

 Credit-bearing trainee courses (meritgivende kombinationsforløb) of 2-5 weeks duration at:

  • Århus Købmandsskole (Aarhus Mercantile College)
  • Århus Social- og Sundhedsskole (Social studies and Healthcare school)
  • Aarhus Tech (Aarhus Technical College)

Stop Smoking counsellor: Lone Andersen
Drug abuse counsellor: Gitte Møller

You can read more about the school’s offering of special supportive counselling under Mentor.

You can read more about the school’s special guidance, and qualification upgrade project, under Carpe Diem.