School policies at Gøglerskolen

In this section you can read about the public policies concerning selected areas and issues

Policy on substance abuse

It is illegal:

  • To use, trade with, or be in possession of alcohol or drugs on school premises
  • To attend the school in a state of intoxication

At any breach of these rules the student will initially be sent home, and subsequently invited to an interview with the school guidance counsellor. If the student is under 18 years of age, the parents will be notified.
The aim of our active anti-abuse policy is to provide the necessary help and support for the student to get out of any potential abuse.
In the event of an established abuse problem an agreement between the guidance counsellor and student is entered into. Defaulting on the agreement will lead to dismissal. An agreement might comprise contact with professional therapists/treatment and/or parents.

Smoking policy

All smoking takes place outdoors.
The school’s policy on smoking should be seen in conjunction with the school’s overall values:
We focus on the good life, including working life and education.
Play, body, and comedy are our tools. We see the body as a priceless gift to the individual. A gift to be cherished, nurtured, and – sooner or later – repaired with tenderness.
The members of staff are role models for the students: it is more important what we do than what we say. Staff smoking therefore takes place away from student areas.

Policy on violence

In the case of violence, or threats of violence, the student is sent home immediately for a minimum of 2 days.
Police business is left to the police.
The student is not automatically expelled – this is first discussed in consultation with all parties involved.
The student will only return if no one feels threatened.

Bullying and harassment policy

What is bullying?

Bullying occurs when one or more persons regularly and over an extended period of time – or repeatedly and in a gross way – subjects one or more other person(s) to abusive action, which the victim experiences as hurtful or degrading. The degrading actions are classified as bullying only when the victim is unable to adequately defend him/herself against them. Teasing, which both parties experience as friendly, and stand alone conflicts, are not classified as bullying.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a specific form of bullying. Sexual harassment occurs when one or more persons regularly and over an extended period of time – or repeatedly and in a gross way – subjects one or more other person(s) to unwanted actions of a sexual nature, which the victim experiences as hurtful or degrading. Most instances of sexual harassment are committed by men against women, but it is important to recognise that men can also be the victims of sexual harassment.


The staff at Gøglerskolen are required to take responsibility for the well-being of students, and to address bullying, harassment, and other negative behaviour, in the event that a student cannot defend him/herself.
Conflicts must be addressed, and attempted resolved, between the parties involved. In cases where a resolution cannot be reached, the school management will get involved.

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