About the school

About the educational basis and purpose of Gøglerskolen

Gøglerskolen is a Second chance school.

The school’s pedagogy is based on the street performers’ and craftsmans trades’ traditional philosophy of autonomy, and focus on possibilities rather than obstacles.

We make use of educational principles, combining play and creativity with order and discipline, from the world of circus and theatre.

The school’s educational aim is training and jobs, and emphasis is placed on distinguishing between realistic and unrealistic dreams and goals.

The school attaches great importance to both process and product, and to a clear distinction between practice, training, work demonstrations (on the one hand) and an actual professional product (on the other hand).

With the student’s resources as starting point, the school endeavours to attain the highest possible degree of positive experiences.

The school’s educational principles aim to unite physical and craft-related skills with academic skills and competencies.

The school’s pedagogy springs from the idea of “the whole person”, which is to say a deliberate exercise in acting as an individual, a social individual, and a citizen.

Our aim is a process for each student based on the model:

  • Open up to yourself
  • Open up to the group
  • Open up to society

The school’s objectives:

  • To enhance the self-esteem and personal strength of the students, including physical confidence and the strength to laugh at one self and the world.
  • To provide the student with new abilities, and ensure that all basic skills (Danish, Mathematics, and English) are optimized.
  • To cultivate the students’ desire, courage, and personal drive towards work and training.
  • To enhance the social skills of each individual through interaction with others, group processes, democratic processes and physical exercise.
  • To increase the awareness of one’s own culture, and that of others.
  • To inspire the individual to active participation in public processes through cultural activities, debates, media productions and events.
  • To strengthen the individual’s inclination to use re-cycled materials, recognize the possibilities and resources present in waste rather than the limitations, and enhance the ecological awareness of our students.

Enhancing the cultural life of Aarhus, and strengthening the cooperation between institutions and cultures in the city.

Enhancing the cooperation between the cultural and commercial sectors of Region Midtjylland.

Gøglerskolens Folder

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