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Gøglerskolen Aarhus - An offer for young people

If you are under 25 years old and want to try a spacious and different school, Gøglerskolen might be right for you!

We assume that the best learning takes place through practical experiences in everyday life.

At Gøglerskolen, our focus is on having fun throughout the entire teaching period.

We have at Gøglerskolen a long tradition and philosophy based on streetartist and crafts traditions, where we have our focus on possibilities beyond limitations.

School departments

Open intro meetings in Klosterport 4 every Monday at. 13:00

No registration. You just come!

9 grade examinations in Danish and mathematics

  • Gøglerskolen offers all students the opportunity to get ready to start a youth education.
  • If you are missing the final examinations in Danish and / or mathematics or have not achieved 02, you can get help here.
  • Ability to graduate in December and June.
  • Teaching takes place in small teams within normal school hours.

What do the students say about Gøglerskolen